The Original Tactile for (230VAC) Traffic Signal Installations 


B1020 is a tactile device that is installed in the WAIT box for pelican crossings which are part of a 230VAC Traffic Signal Installation.

Tactile devices are designed for the blind to assist with crossing roads. 

SSL is a design authority for tactile equipment which it has successfully supplied to the transport industry for many years.

The B1020  unit is robust and reliable.  It is easily serviced and fully type approved to Department of Transport Standards.


The unit is mains operated and controlled by output from the Traffic Signal Controller.

When the pushbutton on the WAIT box is pressed a signal is sent to the junction controller, which controls the traffic light switching and “Green Man” illumination. Only when the traffic lights turn red is a supply passed to the “Green Man” and thence to the Tactile motor which commences to rotate. The knurled cone on the motor shaft, protruding from the base of the pushbutton box,also rotates, giving a positive indication that a safe-to-cross condition exists on the pedestrian crossing. Conversely, when the time to cross elapses, the Green Man starts to flash, simultaneously switching off the tactile motor supply.

This requirement is expressly for use by blind or partially-sighted pedestrians.

Technical Specifications

The system is fully type approved

  • Highways England RG 0500C ‘Approval of Traffic Signal Equipment’.
  • Highways England TR 02508A ‘Specification for Tactile Equipment’.
  • Highways England TRG1068 ‘EMC Test Specification’.


a. Tactile motor drive outputs will be present when:

  • Green Man mains supply is present.
  • Audio interlock (If req.) is present.
  • Green Man supply was previously "off" for greater than six seconds.

b. Output removed when Green Man commences flashing or when Audio interlock (if used) is absent.

c. Rotational speed: 60rtpm +/- 20%

d An output current limit of 125mA is provided to stall motor if a torque of greater than 0.08Nm is applied i.e. safe to grip very firmly indeed.

Signal Limits

  • Green Man Supply: Voltage 160 to 230Vac +15% -20% (128 to 276Vac)
  • Current 20mA +/-50%
  • Flash rate 80 cycles/min. +/-50%
  • Signal ‘ON’ time 40% to 60% of flash cycle time.
  • Audio Interlock Present 15 to 30Vdc at 15mA
  • Absent below 10Vdc at less than 12mA
  • Tactile Motor Drive Voltage 12Vdc +/-20%, max.
  • Current 50mA +/-10%.


  • Operating Temperature -15°C to +70°C
  • Ingress of water IP65 (Waterproof)
  • Earth Bonding Case impedance to earth to be less than 1 ohm.