B0301 Standard ELV (48VAC installation) Tactile 


B0301 is a DfT Approved low cost ELV tactile device installed in the WAIT box of pelican crossings.

Tactile devices are designed for the blind to assist with crossing roads.

SSL is a design authority for tactile equipment. Full approvals have been obtained for this unit and its several variants. 

The B0301 unit:

- Can be fitted to any ELV pelican crossing

- High Reliability Low inertia Geared Ironless Rotor DC Servo Motor 

- Stainless Steel Tactile Cone

The Unit operates on a 48Vac “Green Man” supply and thereby does not require the mains transformer required by the B1020, resulting in a much smaller printed circuit assembly (PCA) containing the power supply and motor control circuit, attached to the motor.

The Integrated Tactile Unit fits neatly into the space envelope within the push-button box and is fully type approved and compliant with Department of Transport Standards.

This B0301 Tactile is the economy version of the advanced SSL B0302, the latter includes a stepper motor and option for operational status feedback to the traffic signal controller.