B0302 Smart Tactile with Brushless Motor and Remote Monitoring 


For the experts in the Traffic Signals community, the SSL B0302 is known to be the most advanced Tactile available and offers a long service life at a very competitively price.  

Literally a "step-change" in the original design, this unit has a Brushless motor based construction ensuring precise operation, longevity and the capability for monitoring of motor health.  The monitored health output is picked up by inputs to the Traffic Signal Controller, OTU or OMU and can be logged centrally improving MTTD (Mean Time to Detection) and reducing wasted time repeatedly checking something which is working.

Advantages of the B0302

1. The long life stepper motor has no commutator brushes to wear - long life miniature gearbox and hard wearing bearings.  

2. Excellent low speed torque, safe - if anything breaks stepper motor will stop - no chance of being left continuously rotating. 

2. Compact size - complete unit fits in all current pushbutton boxes, no external connections required.

3. Use of stainless steel tactile cone ensures long life with no wear on groove edges.

4. Enhanced safety features include: tactile cone will vibrate vigorously if held too tightly when “safe to cross” indication is illuminated.  No chance of stall or damage.

5. Remote monitoring option enables faulty units to be identified without the need for a site visit to locate it by ‘trial and error’ searching.

6. Energy saving is achieved by the tactile ceasing to run after 5 minutes on sites where the “Green Man” indication is left on for extended (ie overnight) periods; but subsequently it will restart if the cone is turned by hand or a new traffic control sequence commences.

Technical SpecificationsTactile_1_small.jpg

Fully type approved by the Department of Transport Highways England specifications:

  • TRG 0500C ‘Approval of Traffic Signal Equipment’.
  • TR 2508A ‘Specification for Tactile Equipment’.
  • TR 2130C ‘Environmental Tests for Road Traffic Signal Systems’.
  • EN 50293:2001 ‘EMC Compatibility, Road Traffic Signal Systems’.


  • When crossing sequence is initiated, motor/tactile cone will rotate when “Green Man” is illuminated.
  • Tactile cone rotation is 60rpm +/- 20%. If rotation is impaired the tactile cone will vibrate significantly.


  • Green Man Supply: Voltage 48Vac +15% +/-20%
  • Current 100mA +/-50%
  • Tactile Motor Drive Voltage at 48Vac 24Vdc +/-1V
  • Current 80mA +/-20mA


  • Operating Temperature -15°C to +50°C
  • Earth Bonding Case impedance to earth to be less than 1 ohm.