SSL OpenStream Intelligent Digital Video Recording System 


Developed from the ground up by SSL's open systems development team, the OpenStream Digital Video Recording System connects and records from any remote digital CCTV source including encoders and IP CCTV Cameras.  The OpenStream Digital Video Recoding System works with an amazingly wide range of digital CCTV sources as well as supporting all of the ONVIF, PSIA open standards.

Uniquely, this SSL's powerful Openstream Digital Video Recording System offers the customer the ability to freely mix his CCTV equipment, avoiding the usual trap of vendor lock-in and video format lock-in.

The Openstream Digital Video Recording System stores and plays back video in a wide range of formats and will transcode input digital video for long term storage in any preferred format. The system will stream recorded video in any format on demand and allows export via DVD/CD/USB etc.

The Openstream Digital Video Recording System is highly modular, scaleable and expandable.  It can record full frame HD and D1 from up to 1000 concurrent IP Streams.