SSL Openstream Intelligent Digital Virtual Matrix  

Multiple Video Format Input - Multiple Video Format Output

TfL_Boris.jpgSSL created this leading edge innovative intelligent digital virtual matrix which connects to up to 10,000 remote digital CCTV sources including encoders and IP CCTV Cameras. 

The Openstream Digital CCTV Virtual Matrix intelligently switches between several manufacturers and can translate and transcode the digital video into any output format including SVGA/PAL/HDMI/S-Video. 

The Openstream Digital CCTV Virtual Matrix has a built in versatile real time transcoding capability enabling the user to translate all of their video sources to a common standard to retain the investment in any legacy equipment.


This innovative product is designed to allow digital and analog technologies to reside together, delivering amazing flexibility.

Mix and match inputs and outputs from:

  •    Digital Video Inputs 1 to 10,000
  •    Analog Video Inputs 1 to 300
  •    Analog Video Outputs: 4 to 1000.
  •    Digital Video Outputs: 4 to 1000