SSL Openstream Camera Range including the ExtremeTech 


  • Designed and manufactured by SSL's team in Yatton
  • Supports multiple control protocols including Pelco-D, TIB/FSK, HA-2G, ONVIF, Bosch, PSIA 
  • MCE2245A and MCE2241F compliant
  • Provides analog or multi-format digital CCTV 
  • Wide angle long range lens beats  "keyhole" vision effect most COTS cameras suffer from at high zoom in motorway conditions
  • Up to 33x  Zoom Precision Hand Made Lens with built in Auto Focus
  • Day/Night Capability
  • Extreme Low Light Capability with optional Infra Red capability
  • Option for switchable Thermal Capability for foggy conditions
  • Precision movement even at full zoom and accurate return to preset
  • Fast responsive control 
  • Rugged for any environmental conditions
  • Options for built in image stabilisation
  • Options for Built in Real Time CCTV Defogging (Contrast Stretch/Edge Enhance)
  • Built in dynamic text overlay.
  • SNMP Support
  • Wide environmental operating range.