SSL OpenStream CCTV Products 

SSL have developed a wide range of end to end Analog and Digital CCTV products and solutions.  These are used across the UK and installed in a variety of applications .

We have many years of experience in both Analog and Digital CCTV systems and equipment and we have successfully deployed and maintained this equipment for many years in a wide range of applications and environments all over the UK.

Our particular specialism is Traffic Surveillance which is one of the most demanding CCTV requirements.  Our objective is always to provide the operator with consistently high quality long range vision with large angle of view at all times even zoomed in, whilst contending with car headlamps, fog, salt spray, low sun, traffic vibration, wide ranges of temperature and lighting conditions from very high to very low light complete with sunrise and sunset effects.   Our CCTV cameras have been developed and have proven to be best of breed for this specialist application and this means that they also excel in other applications such as security, rail and utilities.

Our products are widely used across the UK and you probably have seen them in use many times on the news or in programmes such as "RouteMasters" where our CCTV control system is used throughout the episodes.

SSL is a team of designers first and foremost and we design and develop our equipment from the drawing board up and are able to deliver quickly and effectively any type of CCTV application.

Our capabilities in CCTV are illustrated by our client list which includes the Highways Agency, Transport for London, Transport Scotland, Welsh Assembly, MIRA, Somerset County Council and many other associated and highly esteemed organisations.

SSL equipment can be seen in use about 1 minute through this news item:

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