SSL Open Stream Intelligent Digital CCTV Decoder  


Multiple Video Format Input - Multiple Video Format Output



SSL developed their  Intelligent Digital CCTV Decoder to work with any good Digital CCTV Encoder or  Digital Camera and intelligently switches between different manufacturers, video formats and video standards, allowing the customer to mix and match the encoders and IP Cameras that he deploys or has purchased over time.

The intelligent Decoder provides video output in any common display device format including SVGA/PAL/HD/S-Video or another  Video format.  

The decoder also offers a versatile real time transcoding (re-encoding) capability enabling the user to translate all of his video sources to a common digital video standard i.e. H263 in, standard H264 out, MPEG2 in - MJPEG out etc.  

The decoder is an exceptionally useful building block for anyone with a CCTV system who needs the flexibility of  display a variety of video sources on multiple display platforms which only accept one type of input e.g. VideoWall, TFT Screens, PAL Monitors etc.