SSL Openstream Internet CCTV Digital Gateway 

SSL have developed a groundbreaking CCTV Web Publishing and Sharing system which takes Control Room digital and analog CCTV in any format and publishes it on the web in any format with real time any-to-any format transcoding.

The Openstream Internet Client Gateway is an enterprise-capable streaming video Gateway Service offering Private Multicast Digital CCTV to Authorised Internet Clients.  

The system publishes in real time, the high quality Control Room video inputs in various formats of video stream as suited to the Client Internet connection, on demand as requested by the Internet Client users.  The system transcodes in real time.   

For example it will publish an MPEG2 6Mbps stream in: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2,4,6 Mbps H-264 format, MJPEG stills, clips etc.  

The system offers a user friendly map based interface from which the CCTV cameras can be selected.  PTZ/IF and wiper control is also available to priveliged users.

In the spirit of the SSL Open Systems OpenStream Range of products, SSL have implemented secure machine to machine open control and data transfer services via  XML, ONVIF, and FTP protocols.   Using these services it is possible for authorised 3rd party software to initiate and control video streams and to download still images and or clips to display on jam-cam or other websites.