Digital and Analog CCTV Equipment and Control Systems 

We have provided CCTV related services for many years and have a broad range of products and services in this domain. We are able to cover all aspects of the job and offer a complete turnkey solution to any CCTV requirement from initial design through to maintenance.  Our products as used to control and monitor the London CCTV network starred in the TV documentary on TfL "RouteMasters" where it can be observed being put to good use by the TfL operators!  


Our products include:

  • Traditional and Digital Control Room CCTV Systems
  • Our Precision Surveillance Cameras and Lenses
  • Real Time Image Enhancement Technology including Image Stabilisation and Image Cleaning
  • Highways Agency Specialist Systems including Hard Shoulder Monitoring and External Aspect Verification
  • Internet Streaming Video and Still Image Delivery Systems
  • CCTV Recording Systems
  • Video Content Analysis including traffic detection
  • Security Applications
  • Low Light Application
  • Control Suites and Video Walls
  • Handheld Town Centre CCTV Viewers
  • SSL ANPR, Number Plate Capture Systems
  • Deployable CCTV
  • Wireless CCTV
  • Low Cost CCTV solutions
  • SSL Orange Plate Dangerous Goods Vehicle detection systems



Digital CCTV

With a ten year record of successfully deploying IP based CCTV, SSL are leading IP digital CCTV exponents.

We fully understand and can demonstrate the operational benefits and cost savings which Digital CCTV can bring. We can offer our customers a wide range of equipment including our own high specification low cost Digital CCTV Control Systems.

SSL digital CCTV solutions run over various different types of infrastructure ranging from fibre down to cellular radio, including WiMax or mesh WiFi systems, DSL, IP Clear etc.

We are also able to offer full support and a problem free digital CCTV migration service should you wish to convert your analog system to a digital solution or hybrid digital/analog system.