Signs and Signals Device Simulator 


Latest Version

Device Simulator for Windows v3.18 17/04/2014

  • Countdown Delay error fixed.
  • Extended Test Result correctly decoded.
  • License file no longer deleted.
  • Graphic pop-up menu errors fixed.

NOTE: Device Simulator for Windows currently does not directly support IP communications, and the NMCS2IP application is required to support IP communication.

For more information please see the readme file.

IMPORTANT: This release of Device Simulator for Windows is license protected and will require activation. 


NMCS2IP v1.02 - Issue 2382 23/10/2009

The Device Simulation program WinDevsim currently does not support IP communications. This application (NMCS2IP) is provided as a temporary solution, to convert between NMCS2 and the IP/TCP protocol, defined in MCE1126 - NMCS2 Internet Interface sepcification, allowing IP systems and devices to communicate with Windevsim over RS232.

For more information please see the readme file.