Long Range Infra Red CCTV System For SMART Motorways 


The 3 images above show IR off (wide view),  IR on (wide view), then IR on zoomed in to a 700m target on a misty night.

Working with Skanska Balfour Beatty Joint Venture as part of the M25 DBFO Section 2 (Godstone) and Section 5 (South Mimms) M25 All Lanes Running SMART Motorways delivery supply chain, SSL was able to rapidly deliver a ground-breaking new Motorway CCTV concept which surpasses all previous standards of low light traffic surveillance.  

The highly effective SSL CCTV system provides sharply focused long range zoom images of the highway even in the darkest conditions.  The system was adopted by SBBJV to solve the requirement to operate with 100% motorway surveillance in the long unlit sections of motorway making up a substantial part of the two pioneer ALR schemes.  These long M25 sections would have been very costly to illuminate and run. This is because lit sections of motorway require illumination to a consistent HA standard at regular 50m intervals.

The innovative, cost saving surveillance solution provided by SSL for the world leading M25 ALR SMART Highways Management Scheme provided by SBBJV required no additional infrastructure costs.  IR Equipped SSL Cameras were installed together on the same CCTV mast, MS3, MS4.  As well as saving on structure installation, vast savings in carbon emissions and electricity running costs are achieved over standard lighting with this low power solution.  Each IR-CCTV system has a built in Ambient Luminance Monitor which means that the IR mode can be programmed to switch on during the darkest nights bearing in mind the SSL camera already has excellent low light performance and provides a good image on moonlit/starlit nights.  The SSL CCTV system configuration parameters can be programmed remotely and all mast mounted equipment is ELV to ensure best practice electrical installation and maintainer safety.

The SSL IR System has been built, tested and proven to Highways Agency TR1100D standards, including TR2130C and BS-EN50293.  

The SSL IR System is highly effective as proven by trials at MIRA undertaken by the HA.  One of the videos is attached and shows how the standard state of the art low visible light camera is unable to provide any surveillance in the very dark misty conditions, until the IR mode kicks in.  When the IR switches in, panning and zooming is possible along with the full range of surveillance facilities.  A good crisp image is achieved even when zoomed in to 700m in the misty conditions..  SSL_IR_CCTV_Pan and Zoom.AVI  

Another file from MIRA shows a wide view, as can be seen the only visible aspect of the view is the horizon.  Please note you need to wait for a while before the IR comes in... Wide Angle Initial View SSL_CCTV.AVI