Traffic Control and Vehicle Detection Systems 


SSL has been working in the domain of traffic control and monitoring for many years, for example in 1987 SSL provided the very first fully automatic Motorway Signalling System for the M1. SSL have provided numerous systems over the years and offer a turnkey solution including design through to maintenance.  Our Traffic Control Systems have communicated using numerous bespoke and industry standard protocols including NMCS1, NMCS2, UTMC10, DATEX, SNMP, NTCIP and TEDI.  We cater for analog and digital circuits over copper, fibre, satellite and radio.  We are experts in media conversion and protocol translation.

SSL provides Traffic Control Systems for the Highways Agency, Transport Scotland, Traffic Wales and many other clients. The Traffic Control Systems include Tamar Bridge Control System and Forth Bridge Control Systems. We also provide various Traffic Control Systems for the Highways Agency, such as systems which set automatic Gritter Warning Messages on Motorways and Tunnel Hazard warning systems.

Our traffic control systems are capable of setting message signs and traffic speed signals or illuminating basic Vehicle Activated Signs, plus illuminated road studs, wig-wags, barriers, lane segregation signs.