Dartford Free Flow System Journey Time Survey Time Savings Announced 

Highways Industry.com recently announced that Highways England have used before and after journey time data to measure the travel time benefit of the new Free Flow Scheme, which includes the Traffic Management Cell system provided by SSL.  

The initial set of results are very positive with an average of 3.5 minutes and a peak of 7 minutes being saved on the Northbound journey through the Traffic Management Cell and tunnel.  Journeys overall can be up to 56% faster.

This is particularly impressive because during the course of the surveys traffic flow increased by 4% and the section was very busy and certainly not under capacity to start with.

To achieve this saving is a very positive sign that the TMCell provided by SSL is working efficiently and a great credit to the Dartford Control Room Operations Team.

Dartford Crossing South today 16/10/2015 (top) and in May 2014 (bottom)