SSL OpenStream Digital Video Management System  


SSL OpenStream - the most flexible Digital Video Management System



If you have seen the "RouteMasters" TV Documentary showcasing TfL's daily challenges and outstanding traffic management capability,  you will already be familiar with this system as it is the CCTV Control System which is used throughout the episodes.

The Openstream Digital Video Management system delivers unheard of flexibility and freedom to technologists and users.  It was developed by SSL from the ground up to solve the innate problems of digital and CCTV interoperation and allows diverse ranges of digital CCTV and analog CCTV formats and control protocols to be used together seamlessly.

  •    Designed and Fully Supported by SSL's design team in Yatton
  •    Fast, Powerful display control, high reliability.
  •    User Friendly, Highly responsive GIS based user interface
  •    Integrates with all CCTV types seamlessly from legacy Analog to the most modern HD and Megapixel formats.
  •    GIS based user interface with 3D Scroll navigation capability
  •    Recording at the touch of a button with format options.
  •    Joystick or on-screen control.
  •    Presets and tours all supported.
  •    Multi-screen/split screen capability
  •    Helpful camera image pop-ups on hover function.
  •    Next and previous camera selection buttons.
  •    Built in User account control and image distribution management.
  •    Support for all types of video input, analog, digital.
  •    Web Clients/Cloud Client options along with stills publishing
  •    Full Support for open standards such as ONVIF and PSIA
  •    Supports HOTA guidelines for evidential packaging and command and control functions
  •    Support for video analytics and associated alerts
  •    Web page user real time export of stills and streaming video
  •    Image stabilisation on-off control
  •    Image enhance on-off control
  •    Extreme Low Light on-off control
  •    Supports 1000 concurrent users and 30,000 concurrent CCTV cameras
  •    Built in Video wall support
  •    Links to OPC/SNMP alarm systems
  •    Enhanced recording review control including digital zoom, rotary control frame back/forward and an array of export functions

The system is often viewed on Television particularly for those living in London, and can be seen at work about 1 minute through this news item: