Tactiles - the Smart Solution with remote connectivity 

We have over 30 years of experience in Design, Prototyping and Manufacture of bespoke electronic systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including Tactile_in_Puffin_Unit_small.jpgTactiles for Pedestrian Crossings and Traffic Control and Signalling Systems.

One of the key products in this portfolio is the Tactile.  

Even in the world of Highways, few seem to know about this important device, despite this, in some areas of the country it can be found on every street... and it saves lives.  

This tactile is the original and renowned as best unit available worldwide and has been shipped to thousands of pedestrian crossings over the years.

What is a Tactile?

A Tactile is a small, unassuming metal cone which you can find on the underside of pedestrian crossing WAIT boxes. When the green man lights up to show traffic should stop and it's your turn to cross, the cone starts spinning. For those people that are unable to see the lights, they can feel it spinning and know it is safe to cross. It enables visually impaired pedestrians to cross busy roads safely without relying on other people to help them.

What is special about our Tactiles?

Each Tactile unit is a high quality, high reliability item, with a very long life stepper motor.  The Tactile includes fault monitoring which means that faults are reported centrally.  The approach means that the Tactile is unlikely to fail for many years, but if it does, a fault notification will immediately appear on the UTC system.  This saves wasted time fruitlessly surveying multiple sites several times a year for tactile health and it means that availability is second to none due to the low MTTD.  To cap it all the unit is easily and cheaply repaired and serviced due to its modular design.

The Tactile unit is literally a life saver and we are delighted to have it in our portfolio of products. 
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