BlueTruth the leading BlueTooth Traffic Information System 

BlueTruth monitors traffic and provides traffic information. No complex or expensive equipment is needed and the information is delivered over the cloud so you don't even need a server, just an internet connection so that the data can easily be checked from anywhere.



BlueTruth delivers the following benefits:

  • Journey Time
  • Queue Detection
  • Ultra-low power solar
  • Graphical presentations: Journey times (Actual, last, best, mode, mean, average and through queue)
  • Cost-effective (Around 10% of the cost of an equivalent ANPR system and much easier to mount and install)
  • Easy to use web-based interface
  • Available as cloud service (No server hardware required. Also available as hosted service if required)
  • Web service available to interface with your existing systems
  • Simple web-based management of detectors
  • Raw data export functions
  • Managed service from SSL NOC (Network Operations Centre)
  • DATEXII feeds for UTMC
  • Cloud Amber UTMC Integration


BlueTruth can provide:

  • Help with understanding where bottlenecks are in real time
  • Monitoring of Traffic Signalling Performance
  • Understanding of how and where traffic flow are coming from and going through the day
  • Help with understanding demographic movements through your city
  • Route discovery and journey trend data
  • Vehicle tracking/Green Wave input to traffic lights
  • Slow vehicle detection/queuing vehicle detection (1 head)
  • Built-in message sign control/VAS control

BlueTruth outstations

  • No infrastructure needed very easily installed
  • Solar or mains
  • Cellular, WiFi or Cabled
  • Options for installation on traffic signal heads, lighting columns, ADS
  • Temporary installations a breeze
  • Can be configured to automate message sign setting
  • Can be configured to give alerts via email or SMS
  • Outstations can communicate with the BlueTruth instation via any IP data connection available (eg. wireless, LAN or VPN, individual GPRS/GSM/3G links)
  • Each outstation is compact, lightweight and easily mounted
  • Cover up to 500m detection zones

Open API and integration

BlueTruth provides a web service from which third parties can easily collect real-time journey information and integrate into their own application. Bluetruth is also able to interface with existing UTMC based systems to provide journey time information to them via a DATEXII Open Systems Interface.

Buying BlueTruth through the Crown Commercial Services

Following its successful trial and further deployment by Somerset County Council Traffic Department in 2009 the SSL BlueTruth system has been widely adopted by other City and Local Council Traffic Departments owing to its ease of installation minimal maintenance requirement and the standard of performance.  The system has been deployed in both Journey Time Mode, Queue Detection Mode and Origin-Destination Mode.

The BlueTruth System and outstation detectors are available from the UK Government  Crown Commercial Service and are therefore very simple for Traffic Departments to procure and install. 
Please read more here: BlueTruth in Traffic Technology International

For further details of our BlueTruth System or to arrange a demonstration/trial of the system please contact us on