Traffic Information Systems 

SSL develops, maintains and supports the Highways Agency Information Portal (HAIP) which provides live traffic information in over 100 locations and approximately 250 screens around the English motorway network. Large screens within venues such as motorway service areas and shopping malls update travellers on the latest traffic conditions on their onward journey including roadworks and traffic delays, as well as events which may disrupt their journey after rejoining the motorway. 

The HAIPs feature live feeds from motorways cameras and traffic detection systems to give an actual view of traffic and weather conditions and provides current travel time to the next major motorway junction. All of this information, free at the point of use and available to anyone visiting the venue, enables motorists to make more informed decisions. 

The HAIP is not designed to be in competition with other traffic devices, such as Sat Nav or smart phones applications. It compliments them, making motorists aware of any issues as they walk past the screens, so they can investigate further with their own personal devices or even stay at the venue until the route home is clear. All the traffic information on the HAIP is provided by the Highways Agency National Traffic Operations Centre and is updated every 3 minutes to ensure the most up-to-date traffic information is available to the motorist ensuring that he is informed about traffic conditions on his onward journey.

Would your venue like live traffic information for the benefit of your staff and customers?  Please contact us to discuss further.