Vehicle Detection and Discrimination systems 

Our services and supply encompass the full range of vehicle detection technologies and SSL can provide any type of Traffic Control and Monitoring System including systems that detect the following:

  • General traffic monitoring and congestion
  • Overheight vehicles
  • Overweight vehicles
  • High-speed monitoring
  • Wide vehicles
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Vehicle discrimation systems (eg. motorbike versus car versus lorry)
  • Meteorological conditions (high wind, ambient light, ice, fog)

SSL can deliver an integrated solution including automatic vehicle warnings based on any of the above inputs.

Examples of small scale integrated systems we have provided include:

  • Dartford Freeflow overheight, overwide, overlength and dangerous goods
  • Nottingham Spot-Speed Enforcement System
  • Ipswich Spot Speed Enforcement Systems 
  • Cornwall Menheniot Emerging Vehicles at a Dangerous Junction
  • Nottingham County Council Lorry Watch Weight Restriction Enforcement system
  • Cornwall Shallow Water Queue Detection System
  • A406 Heavy Fast Vehicle Warning System
  • A30 Overheight Detection System
  • Britton Ferry Bridge Ice/Snow/Side Winds Automatic Vehicle Warning System
  • A35 Dorset Fog/Snow/Wind Automatic Vehicle Warning System

The technologies we employ for the above include: Magnetic Anomaly Based Vehicle Detection, Radar, Conventional Loop, MIDAS, Piezo, Laser, ANPR, Smart Analytics, Lidar, Radar, BlueTooth and many others.

Please feel free to read about one of our typical systems in more detail.  Here we have an innovative Overheight Vehicle Detection System, provided for the Highways Agency in 2001.  The system was quite remarkable as it included one of the very first PTZ Digital CCTV Systems running alongside the Overheight Vehicle Detection Telemetry Channels over a 4Km 802.11 roadside WiFi backbone due to civil work constraints. The article is available here


Some systems installed are illustrated below: