204 & 204.1 Power Tools Including Hand Tools 

DURATION: 5 hours



This course aims to provide employees working within the Highway Electrical Sector the underpinning skills required to identify specific hand and power tool operation and associated hazards and risks.



A summative assessment will follow the completion of this course,


OBJECTIVES: On completion of the course learners will:Power_tools1.jpg

• Identify specific named types of power tools

• Identify checks to be carried out before use

• Identify appropriate legislation requirements

• Take appropriate care and maintenance of the specific power tools

• Identify the Hazards and Risks when using the specific Power Tools.

• State what action is required in the event of identifying defects

• Identify how to store specific power tools

• Identify precautions with specific power tools.

• Correctly start and stop the named power tool

• Correctly use the named power tool for the intended purpose and environment.



• Legislation requirements

• Tool identification, checks maintenance and safety

• Basic maintenance of specific tools.

• Limitations and identifying the hazards.

• Correct use of power tools



To enable maximum learning and benefit from this course, there will a number of exercises. These may be both interactive and demonstrative to enhance the learning experience.




In order to gain maximum learning and benefit from the course a number of training modules are required before attending this training. These are: All 100s, 201, 207