214 Safe Isolation  


DURATION: 4 hours



This course aims to provide employees working within the Highway Electrical Sector with an understanding and awareness of the procedures for the safe isolation of electrical circuits. The course will also cover the procedures for the safe method for the testing of supply and the checking of polarity.



A summative assessment will follow the completion of this course or group of courses.


OBJECTIVES: On completion of the course learners will:

* State the various methods for the isolation of electrical circuits in differing highway electrical equipment.

* Test to determine if a supply is available.

* Identify why a supply might seem isolated when this is not the case

* How to replace or reinstate protective devices in order to restore supply.

* State the limits of the work that can be done by the employee.

* What action to take in the event that the supply cannot be restored.




* Safe isolation.

* Testing to determine availability of supply and the use of appropriate equipment.

* Switching


* Protective devices used in Highway Electrical works.

* Identification of private networks

* Reporting procedures



To enable maximum learning and benefit from this course, there will a number of exercises. These may be both interactive and demonstrative to enhance the learning experience.



In order to gain maximum benefit and learning outcomes from this course there are a number of training modules, which are required before attending. These are all 100s, 201.