402 Electricity at Work Regulations 

DURATION: 4 hours



This course aims to provide employees working within the Highway Electrical Sector with an understanding and awareness of the Electricity at Work Regulations, and their individual and collective responsibilities under the organisation and legislative policies.



A summative assessment will follow the completion of this course or group of courses.


OBJECTIVES: On completion of the course learners will:Elect_at_work.jpg

  State the scope of the regulations

  State the requirements of the Regulations in respect to live working and competency

  State the main areas covered by the EAW Regs

  Identify the basic safety procedures necessary for the installation, maintenance, inspection and working practices used in electrical installations.



  The Electricity at Work Regulations & Guidance

  Electric shock, fire, explosions and burns.

  Maintenance, inspection, isolation, normal dead and live working procedures.

  Applying the regulations to equipment located on the Highway.

  Suitability, protection, placing, integrity and security of conductors.



To enable maximum learning and benefit from this course, there will a number of exercises. These may be both interactive and demonstrative to enhance the learning experience.



In order to gain maximum learning and benefit from the course a number of training modules are required before attending this training. These are: All 100s, 201